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Munster Mortgage & Finance provides mortgage services to Financial Advisors and their clients around the country.

Munster Mortgage & Finance is the leading provider of packaged mortgages to each of the Lenders in Ireland where we hold the top position in terms of volume, persistency and conversion rates from application to cheque issue. This provides us with an opportunity to get more mortgages approved than many of our competitors or indeed standalone brokers.


Munster Mortgage & Finance

Based at our office at South Mall we cover all areas of Ireland and we have a combined experience in excess of 130 years in arranging mortgage finance for customers. We are advice orientated individuals where direction and suggestions given are tailored to your own financial set up and budget.

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Now that you have narrowed down your search to find the dream home and you are in the hunt to put the keys of your house in your hand, the mortgage search begins. The mortgage process is quite daunting in Ireland with endless back and forth communication required with Lenders in gaining an approval. If you require assistance, we will help you navigate this and save you the hassle of managing what many perceive as daunting details.

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