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The Mortgage Process

Your Dream Home

Now that you have narrowed down your search to find the dream home and you are in the hunt to put the keys of your house in your hand, the mortgage search begins. The mortgage process is quite daunting in Ireland with endless back and forth communication required with Lenders in gaining an approval.

If you require assistance, we will help you navigate this and save you the hassle of managing what many perceive as daunting details.

We Assist By

  • We assess your overall financial profile with a view to making a formal mortgage application and attaining a successful formal Approval In Principle.
  • We assess the market for you in terms of Underwriting Policy, rate offerings, incentive offerings available and specifically product features culminating in end customer value.
  • We see your approval through to the end by co ordinating all other parties to transaction such as Valuers, Engineers and Solicitors.
  • We find the best mortgage that suits your circumstances.
  • We provide you with accessibility and one on one attention which you are likely to not find when dealing with a Loans Advisor at a large Bank.
  • By working with us we will shepherd you through the intricate process from start to finish.

We Work With And Advise On The Following Products:

  1. Mortgage Planning / Coaching
  2. Moving House / Second time buyers
  3. Remortgage / Switcher
  4. Debt Consolidation Mortgages
  5. Equity Release Mortgages
  6. Buy to Let / Investment
  7. Self-Build
  8. Pension Mortgages
  9. Mortgage Protection / Life Cover
  10. Pension Planning / Investment Advice

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